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Custom Consulting

Anyone interested in the Sardinian bags of Michaela Vargiu, can request, without obligation, a first consultation, to have a perfectly customized craft product.

Bring the island into the bag

The Sardinian bags by Michaela Vargiu are inspired by Sardinian culture and made with local high quality hand-crafted fabrics, reflecting the chromaticity of an uncontaminated and wild nature.

The work of Michaela Vargiu

With his creations, Michaela Vargiu, enhances the work of local weavers by diversifying the use of beautiful handcrafted fabrics with shapes and volumes to show off in everyday life.

Michaela Vargiu

Michaela Vargiu was born in Milan in 1968, where she took the modeling diploma and, after various experiences in the field of fashion, in 2008 she decided to move to Sardinia. Here she abandoned the realization of clothes and dedicated herself to the packaging of accessories fashion with the use of fabrics made mechanically or by hand, produced in various Sardinian countries. Her bags are all unique and design pieces, never reproduced with the same combinations of fabrics and colors. They are created entirely by hand and are born from the meeting of fabrics linked to tradition with different materials such as linen, silk, wool, cotton, leather and imitation leather, leather, metal, wood, rigorously refined and valuable. Always create new models so that each bag distinguishes itself from the others and becomes a truly unique accessory.


Michaela Vargiu and her line of bags that best represent her and to whom she dedicates many hours to its realization for a unique and much appreciated result

Home Collection - Interior designer

In 2018 he creates a line of home accessories, with an eye to waste, from the inventories of the workmanship of his bags, he randomly unites small scraps of fabric .... and here's what happens.

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