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Is Stellas bag






The “Is Stellas” made in Sardinia bag was created for those who love very capacious accessories.

It is made with Sardinian fabric made by hand or mechanical frame and enriched with brocade tapes and leather straps that soften the line.

In fact it is no coincidence that the large and voluminous bag is always trendy and very practical.

The handles can be in fabric with hand-stitching in contrast or in leather.

The leather sole is enriched by four metal feet that facilitate its support.

Inside it can be lined with patterned fabrics and silk brocades.

The large pocket is closed by a zip and lined in contrasting color.

The closure of the bag is with a zip finished on both sides with brocade ribbon sewn by hand and mounted on two parts in fabric or leather.

Even the “Is Stellas” is always made of unique versions in the colors and combinations to give the accessory a guarantee of authenticity.

To conclude, all you have to do is select the fantasy and the model that you like the most on the store that is for you or for a special gift for those who love the traditions and its evolution.

Visit the Store to choose the products that best suit your needs.

Choose a Michaela Vargiu bag for those traveling on Sardinia.

A curiosity: finally “Is Stellas” was given as a result of my stay on Lake Flumendosa at the hotel of the same name …. immersed in a breathtaking scenery !!

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