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Pochette Sa Pibiruda – safety


Sa Pibiruda pochette




La small and compact colored “Sa Pibiruda” wrist clutch bag is a refined accessory to always carry with you.

Made with Sardinian fabric and made with a lanyard to be worn on the wrist with a snap hook. It is made of pure cotton.

Close with an exposed hinge.Also the “Sa Pibiruda” line is always made of unique colors and combinations to give the accessory a guarantee of authenticity.

To conclude, you just have to select the fantasy and the model that you like more on the store that is for you or a special gift for those who love the traditions and its evolution. Get a total order of £ 150 or more to ensure free shipping.

Visit the store to choose the products more similar to your needs.

Choose a Michaela Vargiu accessory for those who “Travel Sardinian”

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