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Sa LuxiNoba Lampshade



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The “Sa Luxi Noba” lampshade is made with velvets, brocades, woven Sardinian fabrics and enriched with leather laces and studs that give a modern and very designer touch.

Depending on the season and the type of home, the materials used are made of wool and or cotton.

The “Sa Luxi Noba” lampshade created in different sizes and needs of the customer.

A new line sees the creation of particular combinations of small scraps of fabric joined together at random with games of patterns and colors harmonious and pleasing to see.

Even “Sa Luxi Noba” is always made in unique color versions and combinations to give the accessory a guarantee of authenticity.

To conclude, all you have to do is select the fantasy and the model that you like the most on the store that is for you or for a special gift for those who love tradition and its innovation.

Reach a total of £ 150 or more to ensure free shipping.

Visit the Store to choose the products that best suit your needs.

Choose an accessory for the Michaela Vargiu home for those traveling on Sardinia.

A curiosity: the name “Sa Luxi Noba” in the Sardinian language means “The New Light”

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