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Sa Sardinia bag






The bag made in Sardinia “Sa Sardinia” wide and soft, ensures a chic and refined look at all hours of the day, also ideal as a weekend bag.

In fact it is no coincidence that the wide form, is always trendy and very practical.

Made with a single panel in Sardinian fabric enriched with two brocade ribbons in front and back.

The handles are rigorously coated and sewn by hand with a thread of contrasting color to give uniqueness to the accessory.

Inside it is lined with silk shantung or fancy brocade.

The large pocket is closed by a zip, while the bag closes with a matching zip finished on the ends of the ribbon in brocade finished by hand.

This bag, thanks to a particular predisposition on the sides, can take two forms, with a higher and narrow trapezium or a top case.

Even the “Sa Sardinia” is always made of unique versions in the colors and combinations to give the accessory a guarantee of authenticity.

To conclude, all you have to do is select the fantasy and the model that you like the most on the store that is for you or for a special gift for those who love the traditions and its evolution.

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