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Sports bracelet Su Bratzali






Bracelets “Su Bratzali”: a new project born from the imagination and creativity of Michaela Vargiu. These bracelets are made with Sardinian woven fabric lined in silk and finished with small press buttons.

Some are enriched with small brocade ribbons.

To bring with you a small and gracious souvenir of Sardinian tradition, perfect as a gift idea for yourself or for those you love.

They are in fact made in different heights and lengths, with one or two Sardinian buttons closing the bracelet. To conclude they have an excellent fit and adapt to the slimmer wrists as well as the more robust ones.

Like every creation, even “Su Bratzali” are made in versions that are always unique in colors and combinations to give the accessory unique and authentic.

Select the fantasy and your favorite model among those available on the Store.

Reach a total of € 150 or more to ensure free shipping.

Visit the Store to choose the products that best suit your needs. Whether it’s a Christmas present or a thought of love, a Michaela Vargiu product enters your heart. For those traveling Sardinian.

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