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Su Pizzinnu bag






The “Su Pizzinnu” made in Sardinia shoulder bag, unlike the “Sa Pitzinna”, has been designed for men and has a line and combinations suitable for unisex customers.

It is larger than a slightly flared shape and with an even sportier line.

Practice to take with you on any occasion, during the day, while traveling, to keep the essentials at hand.

Made with Sardinian woven fabric.

The variant is unique, has a double opening closed by two zip.

The shoulder strap is in fabric or leather finished with a buckle to adjust the length.

The lining is made of cotton, with an inside pocket to keep personal belongings in order.

Even the “Su Pizzinnu” line is always made of unique colors and combinations to give the accessory a guarantee of authenticity.

To conclude, all you have to do is select the fantasy and the model that you like the most on the store that is for you or for a special gift for those who love the traditions and its evolution.

Reach a total of £ 150 or more to ensure free shipping.

Visit the Store to choose the products that best suit your needs.

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A curiosity: the name “Su Pizzinnu” in the Sardinian language means … “The Boy”!

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