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The Sardinian bags by Michaela Vargiu

For all those who travel Sardinian.

Discover how the Michaela Vargiu Sardine Bags are born: from the encounter of woven fabrics to frames in various Sardinian countries with different materials such as linen, silk, wool, cotton, leather and imitation leather, leather, metal, wood, rigorously researched and valuable.

Come and discover and experience the quality of the Sarde Bags signed by Michaela Vargiu in her workshop in Cagliari.

Because taking a Sarda Michaela Vargiu bag with you means taking Sardinia with you.

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The Michaela Vargiu Sardinian Bags

Taste and experience the quality of Michaela Vargiu Sardinian Bags.
Come and visit us at the Via Leonardo Alagon Store in Cagliari: you will discover a world of tradition and modernity.

Hand weaving

The most refined Sardinian bags are characterized by fine fabrics, handmade by local weavers. Because it is the craftsmanship that makes the Sardinian bags signed by Michaela Vargiu to embellish the Design aimed at the future but inspired by tradition.

A color for each season

Not just white but a colorful world! The Sardinian bags by Michaela Vargiu reflect the colors of the Seasons, just like the fabrics: they reflect the lively and colorful soul of the Island that emerges in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

Voglia di emergere?

It will be impossible not to go unnoticed by carrying one of Michaela Vargiu’s bags under her arm.

La qualità è per sempre

The constructive quality of the handbags of Michaela Vargiu guarantees a structural resistance suitable even for those who live a hectic life.

Uno stile per ogni occasione

Each collection adapts to the person, style and occasion in which you want to show off a Michaela Vargiu bag.

Come nasce l'arte

Find out much more at the Cagliari Store. You can touch the collections and see with your own eyes how a work by Michaela Vargiu is born.

Let's keep in touch

For any information do not hesitate to contact Michaela Vargiu!