Segui Michaela Vargiu

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Michaela Vargiu decides to create a line of accessories for the home always made with the wonderful woven fabrics made of wool or cotton, combining in a nearly random way small pieces all different from each other to a piece of furniture for your unique home , fun and elegant. Taste all the taste of Sardinia in the details of designer accessories for your home signed Michaela Vargiu: from the bags to the interior designer: the precious fabrics made of loom will color your home with a touch of tradition but with a more modern and youthful reinterpretation . For a colorful and fun accessory, elegant is perfect as a gift idea. Tapestries, cushions and lampshades in the pachwork version, also created with an eye to waste, from the cut-outs of the workings. Beauty and design meet functionality and modernity. Now available online for all those who like to stand out from the crowd. Select the type, the fantasy and the model among those available on the Store. You will receive the selected product comfortably at home without any effort with a small shipping cost.

MVargiu Vargiu